Collect regular feedback in one place

Ask a question once a while or every day from multiple people and get regular feedback anytime.

Improve team spirit, make your team strong

Stop asking the same question over again

Increase revenue asking question regularly

“No new tool. One website that collects answers for you with your email.”

Peter Buban at Creapoint

Automatized Email

Let's automatize your asynchronic communication through email. Collect all the responses and data on the web.

Solved Daily Problems

Bearicorn automatically asks questions for you and collects them through email. No new tool, just one website.

Save your Time

Stop wasting time with unnecessary meetings. Let's enrich the number 1 tool, we all have. The email.

Our pricing is simple and fair.

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“Stop wasting time with unnecessary meetings.”

Milos Ruta at Blanco

We use Bearicorn for...

Since we use Bearicorn for asking our customers each month to give us feedback, we have improved our services 200% times.

Adam Sabla, CEO at Specific

Bearicorn is great to improve team mood. We ask every Monday morning how was the weekend. Colleagues got to know each other.

Michal Kuchta at Row n Slide

Our customers were ordering wine on irregular basis. Now we ask them every 1st day of month if they need more. Our profit went up 168%.

Robert Stassko at Vinaren

I had to remind my employees to send me invoice each month, because they always forget. Now I set reminder and I collect all once I have time.

Peter Buban at Creapoint

Our HR asks twice a month people to fill-in holidays for the following month. Since we are reminding our colleagues this, we have no surprises anymore.

Katarina Hutyrova at Nosene

I remind my vendors to fill their order. We have reduced emails to minimum and have all orders at one place. It's very handy and practical.

Milos Ruta at Blanco

So simple, just send it
through email

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